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The Green Lantern Corps is Getting Too Old for This Shit


The DC Comics character Green Lantern is currently in movie jail thanks to 2011's awful Ryan Reynolds-starring franchise non-starter. He's just about the only core DC character without an announced film in the new DC Cinematic Universe, but all that changes now thanks to word that a Green Lantern Corps film centered around Earth-born lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart is on its way and will be akin to a "buddy cop" movie. Oh boy.

Look, it's easy to hate on DC and their poorly planned venture into films in a post-Nolan world, but they mostly bring it on themselves. They just kinda sat on their hands while Marvel reinvented the comic book movie formula and now they're making up for it by rushing properties like Aquaman into theaters. Guys, take a breather. Maybe let someone run this show who's not a completely overrated style over substance hack like Zack Snyder. Seriously, has anyone named Zack ever achieved greatness? It's not a name you associate with the pinnacle of achievement, it's a name you associate with that little shit who lives next door and won't stop trampling your azaleas. 

So yeah, if you liked Shane Black's witty black guy/white guy comedy action from Iron Man 3, I would expect this to be bascially a carbon copy. If they want my advice and, frankly, who doesn't, ditch Hal. You can't get him right on screen, as clearly proven by 2011's attempt to turn Hal into Kyle Rayner, the real cocky hotshot piece of shit in the Corps. Gimme a real mismatched pair like John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Maybe throw in Kilowog as your Joe Pesci-Lethal Weapon 2-comic relief guy? Now you're talking. Stop relying so heavily on formula and trying to bend characters like Hal—who doesn't fit that mold—into the buddy cop formula. Or don't. You probably won't anyway.

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Steve Attanasie

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