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A Whole Lotta Nope: The First Three Images from 'Tarzan' Emerge


Poised to do a straight nosedive next year, Tarzan looks to be Warner Brothers' latest big budget high concept failure following Jupiter Ascending, Pan, Transcendence, Jack the Giant Slayer, and even films I love like Cloud Atlas and Pacific Rim which both bombed relative to their cost to produce. David Yates, the man at the helm of the final four Harry Potter films as well as the upcoming Fantastic Beasts spin-off, is directing from a script based on the work of no fewer than three hack screenwriters.

I know it's unfair to judge a film based solely on a poster and two rather pedestrian still images, but come on, when has Tarzan ever worked on screen? And don't say the name Johnny Weissmuller in my presence. You seen any of his Tarzan flicks lately? They're pure garbage. Alexander Skarsgård looks like he's been on a straight diet of creatine and crushed rhinoceros tusk or whatever the fuck. Dude looks unnaturally ripped in these photos. Maybe some of that 180 million bucks was spent on roiding him out, but it's doubtful. He also looks alarmingly like Jude Law on that poster...



Tarzan opens on July 1, 2016 and I'll be seeing The BFG that day, sorry.

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Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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