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This is the Closest We'll Get to Peter Jackson Admitting that 'The Hobbit' Sucked

Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy wasn't the worst thing ever as many scorned fans will tell you. They're about one step above the Star Wars prequels in terms of debacles that fail to live up to their predecessors, and even Jackson himself admits that he was in over his head from minute one while making the prequel trilogy.  

In this video posted by Collider (link below), Jackson opens himself up to attack by basically showing how tired and unprepared he was in terms of making these films. It's a bold move that, for my money, paid off handsomely because they feature a director essentially stating something the rest of the world has known for a few years now. Some of the more illuminating comments from Jackson include...

“Because Guillermo Del Toro had to leave and I jumped in and took over, we didn’t wind the clock back a year and a half and give me a year and a half prep to design the movie, which was different to what he was doing. It was impossible, and as a result of it being impossible I just started shooting the movie with most of it not prepped at all.”

“You’re going on to a set and you’re winging it, you’ve got these massively complicated scenes, no storyboards and you’re making it up there and then on the spot […] I spent most of The Hobbit feeling like I was not on top of it ][…] even from a script point of view Fran [Walsh], Philippa [Boyens] and I hadn’t got the entire scripts written to our satisfaction so that was a very high pressure situation.”

“We had allowed two months of shooting for that in 2012, and at some point when we were approaching that I went to our producers and the studio and said: ‘Because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing now, because I haven’t got storyboards and prep, why don’t we just finish earlier?’

And so what that delay gives you is time for the director to clear his head and have some quiet time for inspiration to come about the battle, and start to really put something together.”

Ultimately I think it was smart of them to put this video out there because it provides some concrete reasons why The Hobbit films sucked, particularly when compared to the vastly superior, but no less flawed, Lord of the Rings trilogy. It's also ballsy because they're coming out and admitting that the films weren't up to snuff, so take from this what you will.

Also, please allow me to establish some street cred here. Most of you probably never heard of me before I began writing for this site, but as a former film critic for the now defunct Population GO, I reviewed all three of Peter Jackson's Hobbit films and I thought they all sucked. Here you can find my reviews for An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug, and The Battle of the Five Armies, just so you know that I've been hating on this trilogy for three years now and am not a johnny come lately Hobbit hater. 

Via Collider

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