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3 Modern Gadgets Every Geeky Guy Should Own

#3) The Emotiv headset will give you feedback

The Emotiv headset is a super cool piece of technology! It's a headset you can wear to monitor your brainwaves. You can even play games with just your thoughts once you get the hang of it.


It works by monitoring your brain for patterns you have associated with an action, for example thinking "PUSH" may ignite a certain part of your brain, you can then link that signal to an action such as "Press the A Button". The Emotiv also has a nice dashboard for you to monitor what's going on in your mind, the feedback loop can help you perfect your mental states.


You can read more about the Emotiv headset on their website Emotiv.com.

#2) 3d printers are super cool

There's a good number of 3d printers available on the market today, it's merely a question of how much you want to spend that determines the quality of printer you get and what you can accomplish with it. The technology is quickly advancing though, and I think there is a lot that can be accomplished in terms of usability.


Pictured here is the Cube 3D printer that comes with a variety of materials you can print with, and various designs you can print out. You can create your own designs which adds a grand dimension in terms of expansion of usefulness, imagine printing that washer for your washer from the comfort of your home instead of having to order it from the company, or printing out your kids action figures over a cup of hot tea, I think 3D printing could have a huge impact on the way humans live in the not-so-distant future.

#3) Get yo'self a smart watch

Smart watches are taking on the same pattern of evolution as the smart phone did. Most of these watches are rocking the AndroidWear operating system. The watch can hookup with your phone and let you answer messages, respond to calls, it also can tell you what time it is which we think is a great feature. So if you're looking for a little bit of fashion mixed with a little bit of technology you may be interested in jumping on the Smart watch wagon and watching as the hardware and software evolves.


Pictured here is the ASUS ZenWatch, This one has the square bigger screen but some of the more fashion oriented ones rock the circular style. I imagine people talking to their watches in a Buzz Lightyear manner while standing around at the Bus stop. These watches are sure to evolve over time and the features they provide should grow as time goes on.


Steve attanasie