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Why Do Girls Do This? It's Not Like We Actually Care!

Ridiculous Nail “Art”

All right, sure. If a girl wants to put on a nice clear gloss or some other understated kind of nail polish, that's totally fine. But as guys, we just don't care what a girl's nails look like as long as they're clean and don't have a weeks worth of boogers under them.

Tacky, gaudy nails actually work against girls, because most guys know that these chicks with bizarre nail 'art' are usually all kinds of crazy. And let's face it, nobody wants a handie from a chick with 3 inch long acrylic nails, regardless of how many unicorns they have airbrushed on them.

Excessive Piercings

Once again, the key here is moderation. We suppose meeting a girl that didn't have her ears pierced would be a little odd (you might even think she's Amish or something), but it's certainly not a deal breaker as long as she's hot. The fact of the matter is, straight, normal dudes aren't focused on the ears of an already-attractive girl.

So what qualifies as excessive? Let's see...nipple piercings don't actually make boobs look any sexier, do they? And let's not even talk about downstairs. If a girl's hot, she's hot. Going overboard with piercings can only reverse that.

Too Many Tats

All right. Hold your horses.

We're well aware that there's been an influx of super hot emo/punk/goth/whatever girls with plenty of tattoos, particularly since the inception of the famed Suicide Girls.

Now, even if you're a dude who likes girls with a little ink, ask yourself the following: would the girl pictured above still be hot without the tattoos?

Of course she would. The tats might look cool now, but any chance (however remote) she had of still being hot at 40—or even in her mid 30s depending on how well she ages—has been thrown right out the tattoo parlor window. If a girl wants to get a butterfly on her ankle or a dolphin on her ass cheek or whatever, fine, but these hordes of chicks with sleeves might be hot now and for a few more years, but they sure as hell ain't marriage material.

Steve attanasie

Double Viking