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The Art of Photobombing: Bikini Top 10 Edition

Do You Like My Dog?

You can't help but think that her dog did this on purpose. As if he was impudently saying, “Really? You think you're going to get all the attention?”

Spread Eagle

It would be hard to believe that these people didn't notice a seemingly attractive and very, very naked woman behind them. Either way, the cameraman was probably having a good time.

“That Guy”

There's always one guy that tries to ruin something for everyone else.

I've Got a Woody

Surf's up!

Bad dog! Bad dog!

This, children, is why you don't let your dogs run loose on the beach. They might end up humping each other behind a couple trying to get their photo taken. Notice how the lady walking down the pier doesn't seem to have much of a reaction to the activity displayed before her—but then again, what are you going to do? Start yelling at some other person's dog, just for getting a little?

Sand in Her...

That must be uncomfortable. You can guarantee this made its way directly to Facebook, since women love to humiliate—er, “laugh with” their friends.

“That Guy” Part Deux

Yeah, we'd much rather look at your hairy, masculine body instead of those supple beach-body behinds. Thanks bro.

The Magic of Perspective

It looks as though that young pirate is trying to swab the poop deck.

Pool Party

Apparently swimming + bikinis = doggy aphrodisiac.

Big Beach Momma

“What's that gross thing in this picture?”

“You mean that fat lady's butt?”

“No, the thing on the left.”

Steve attanasie

Double Viking