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Lost Dog! Lost Cat! Lost... Crab? The Best Lost Pet Signs Ever Spotted

As Promised, The Crab

As you can see, someone (Johanna, presumably) really wants to get her pet crab Oliver back. There's even a ten dollar reward. Now, you might be compelled to think that this is a fake, or a joke of some kind, but why would the person put not only their email address, but their phone number on the sign? You'd think that would be a rather daring invitation for every weirdo out there to harass you, and maybe even insist on bringing you a crab. Hmm. Maybe one of Johanna's enemies put up this sign...


That's Not A Cat, Dan

Hilarious. Notice how the “Fe-” was added above “male”, indicating that the gender wasn't initially known, but was certainly confirmed at some point.


The Unhappy Chicken

This sign is almost certainly legit. Some silly do-gooder found a chicken outside a Chinese restaurant (no doubt why the chicken looked unhappy in the first place) and thought it was someone's pet, instead of a teriyaki side dish.


Answers to Huck”

Yes, this image has been around since before the movie Ted.


Tears of the Unicorn

All of the unicorns are missing. :(


Likes Deviled Eggs”

The real question here is how in god's name could a bizarre abomination like that ever go missing. How could you even have trouble finding something so uniquely recognizable? Is it a llama? Either way, it likes deviled eggs, responds to Dexter, and without a doubt really must be the best pet ever.

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