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Disgusting Looking Animals That Taste Great Once You Grill 'Em

Wait, You Can Eat That Thing?

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...And it's delicious.

Pictured above is one of the ugliest, most disturbing-looking creatures of the sea: the monkfish. A close relative to its slightly-less-gross cousin, the angler fish, monkfish look so revolting that the first person to have eaten them must have been starving on a desert island—you'd have to be to eat that slimy, scaley, spiked fish.

That desert island survivor would have found himself to be pleasantly surprised however, as monkfish tastes amazing. Low in fat and high in flavor, many adventurous eaters have compared the tail of a monkfish to taste incredibly similar to lobster. They ain't serving up this fella at your local seafood joint though, so if you want to pop a monkfish on your grill, you'll have to get creative.

No, Seriously, It's Pronounced “Gooey Duck”

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Yes, yes, they look like big wieners, we know.

Despite their similarities to huge male genitalia—a topic this author knows a little something about (wait a second..)—the strange creature pictured above is called a geoduck, which, for whatever reason, is pronounced “gooey duck”. And that just makes eating these things even more funny.

If you can get over the way they look, which shouldn't really matter anyway once they've been chopped up and cooked, geoducks actually taste really, really good. Culinary adventurers describe the taste as a clam-like flavor, but with the texture of chicken. That makes sense, since geoducks are a part of the clam family. They're probably the only part of the clam family that looks like an intimidatingly large dong, too.

People Actually Eat Hyenas

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In many parts of Africa, eating hyena is as common as running down to your local burger joint and getting a strawberry malt and some french fries, except there are more warlords along the way.

All right, so “common” isn't really the right word for it, but people do eat hyena—there's something that must be incredibly satisfying about that. Like you sit down to the dinner table, take a juicy, delectable bite of your freshly-grilled hyena, and say, “Who's laughing now, bitch?!”

Supposedly these tricksters of nature taste pretty good, if a tad gamey. Getting your hands on one to throw on your grill, however, is a whole other ball of yarn that we can't legally discuss here.

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