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5 Ways to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

5. Work On Your Confidence and tell her she’s Beautiful

Women love it when a guy is confident. If you find that you struggle in this area then try to work on self-confidence. When you have your confidence built up then you shouldn’t have any problems at all telling a woman that she just looks beautiful and gorgeous.

4. Have Good Hygiene and Wrestle With Her

Plan on having some fun but remember you never know what that type of fun might be. If you and a woman start play wrestling together and she smells you then that could turn her off right away. Wear some light cologne and take breath mints with you. Be prepared for the evening with having good hygiene so she’ll be impressed.

3. Hug Her and Act Natural

Don’t be afraid to hug her out in public or hold her hand. Just be yourself and act natural. Flirt with her and be funny but avoid humor that is crude. It’s alright if you might be shy or nervous just don’t try to be someone that you are not. Women don’t like guys that might show up to be a phony so act yourself at all times. You can even play around with her hair and make her laugh as long as you are being yourself.

2. Show respect

Give her some respect. If she pulls away when you hug her then don’t force the hug on her. Open up the car door and the restaurant door for her. Don’t whistle at her or give a speech that is disrespectful. If she needs some personal space make sure that you give it to her. She might also be nervous and might need some time to regroup herself. If you really care about her then tell her but if she pulls away from you don’t force yourself on her out of anger or frustration.

1. Listen

When she is talking then listen. Put your mobile device down, look her in the eyes and show her that you care. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. If your mobile device is always going off then consider just shutting it down so she knows you are paying attention to what she is saying. If silence lingers for a few seconds then develop a conversation starter and ask her some questions. You can always talk about the weather, sports, books, school, work and personal hobbies.

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