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5 Incredibly Weird Real-Life College Mascots

“Sammy” the Banana Slug

Mascot of: University of California at Santa Cruz

The Banana Song

Some kid in the biological sciences department must have come up with this, and lord only knows what he had to do in order to make his favorite slug the mascot of the UCSC athletic programs. Do normal people even know what a Banana Slug is? Keep in mind that UCSC is very “forward minded” in the idea that their athletics are based around the concept of “everyone being involved, no matter how terrible they are at the sport.” This is what you get when you stop letting there be winners and losers in peewee football.

“Gaylord” the Fighting Camel

Mascot of: Campbell University

Gaylord the Fighting Camel

Apparently a camel was chosen as Capbell University's mascot because the word “camel” kinda-sorta sounds like “Campbell.” That's all well and good, and there's nothing wrong necessarily with having a camel as a mascot, but did they really have to go and name him Gaylord? It would be less embarrassing to just explicitly state, “Please don't take us seriously!”


Mascot of: Southern Illinois University Carbondale


This mascot is based on a specific breed of dog, the Saluki. That's a VERY specific breed of dog. Compensating much?

WuShock, the Shock of Wheat

Mascot of: Wichita State University

WuShock, the Shock of Wheat

You've got to give them points for originality. You might think a mascot like a wolf or a lion or something would be best to strike fear in to the hearts of your opponents, right? No way—nothing scares grown men like batshit crazy, and that's exactly what the school that has this weird little thing as a mascot. Just look at how creepy that face is. Stare at it for a few seconds and it starts to devour your soul.

The Standford Tree

Mascot of: Standford University

The Standford Tree


Admit it. That's the first thing you thought.

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