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3 Extreme Tourist Activities For Men

Swimming With Crocodiles

All right, so, you're not actually swimming WITH the crocodiles, but this is as close as you'll ever get without actually having to be torn to shreds as a result. “The Cage of Death” is the appropriate name for this Australia based tourist trap. Basically, you're tossed into a clear (but supposedly secure) box, and the box is then dumped into a big tank with a huge crocodile named Choppa.

He hasn't been able to eat any of the tourists just yet, but you know it's only a matter of time. And your heart does kind of go out to the big guy—it would be like having some jerk waving a sandwich around in your face every day, and never letting you have a bite.

If you have the guts to try something like this out, you'd get a full 15 minutes in the 4 centimeter cage (yeah, that's how thick it is). That's one pool that I'd definitely pee in.

White Water Rafting Is For Babies, Try This Instead

Have you ever been “white water rafting”? If so, you probably know that it involves maybe a total of 30 minutes of fun, and 4 hours of rowing along and “hoping it gets more exciting soon.”

Yeah, well, if you travel to the Igauzu river in Argentina and Brazil, you can hire a boat to take you to the bottom of over 250 waterfalls—one of which is taller than Niagara Falls. That causes the water to get mighty choppy, as you might imagine. Just a couple of years ago a group of American tourists were killed after their tiny raft flipped over. Sounds fun.

Playing With Huge Balls

This might not really be “extreme,” but it sure as hell looks fun. Zorbing is an invention of bored New Zealanders in which participants get inside a big ball and roll down a hill. There are actually two balls—one smaller sphere for you to ride in, which is then encased by a larger sphere (so you don't have to roll over rocks and stuff, which might take the fun out of it). Zorbing isn't just in New Zealand either, there are several locations in the United States where you can give it a try.

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