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Unbelievable Pictures of Real Life Daredevils

I'd Look Down and Say “Jesus Christ!”

Do you see the guy standing on Jesus' left hand? That's Felix Baumgartner in 1999 when he scaled the famous statue of Jesus in Rio, the closest to which I've ever gotten to was that one level in a Tony Hawk video game. It looks a lot bigger than it is—he's only about 95 feet up from the ground. Now, 95 feet is nothing to shake a stick at in terms of height, and that's what made this base jump particularly ballsy. It's actually much, much safer to base jump from a higher point, since you have a lot more time to pop open your parachute before you go splat on our lord and savior's big toe. Baumgartner successfully made the jump and proved once again that he's really earned the nickname “Fearless Felix.”

Tennis Just Got Awesome

This famous picture from the 1920s features two incredibly brave (or stupid) men, Gladys Roy and Ivan Unger, playing a casual, lighthearted game of tennis—on a freaking airplane.

Spider Man

Some guy in a spider man costume is leaping from one car to another—and each car is popping a wheelie. One wrong move and you're going to get squished, and something tells me that this fellow can't just shoot a web from his wrist to swing his way to safety. Pretty darn badass.

This is Actually a Sport

All right, so maybe the guys who do this bizarre combination of wake boarding and horse racing aren't “daredevils” in the sense that their life is in immediate danger like the guys above, but it still looks pretty awesome.

One Badass Old Lady

Pictured is Bird Millman—yeah, someone named their kid Bird—in the early 1900s. She was known as the best female tightrope performer, and probably still holds that record (when was the last time you heard of a chick tightrope walker?). Notice how there's no safety strap, this lady knew how to put on a show.

Steve attanasie

Double Viking