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The 5 Most Controversial Comic Book Heroes

The Punisher

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A former Navy Seal, Frank Castle became The Punisher after his family was brutally murdered in a gangland hit. Utilizing his military training, The Punisher has no time for “due process” or the rule of law; in his book, the only way to stop criminals is to put them down.

Frank Castle is just a man; no powers, no special abilities, and he doesn’t even have the advantage that incredible wealth affords, like Batman. Even so, he has managed to take on some of the biggest and baddest supervillains, and heroes, and live to tell the tale. No anti-hero list would be complete without The Punisher.

Slade Wilson

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Slade Wilson, or Deathstroke, is a mercenary/assassin in the DC Universe. Another former soldier (though this time injected with a super-soldier serum), Slade hold’s none of The Punisher’s hatred of criminals; he will work for anyone, if the price is right. While he is a hired gun, his personal code of honor and the few occasions when he decides to help the good guys without monetary motivation make him much more than just another villain.

Billy Butcher

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Super-serum enhanced leader of a secret government special-ops group known as The Boys, Butcher has an intense hatred for any and all superheroes, due to their excess and disregard for the lives of civilians.

When he encounters costumed heroes, it’s rarely pretty. Evisceration, extortion, blackmail and torture are all acceptable methods, and once he had brought the depravity of the superheroes to light, Butcher went further than any other anti-hero ever has and planned super-genocide, as well as killing off the members of his own team.


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The “Merc with a Mouth”, Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, was originally designed as a humorous rip-off of DC’s Slade Wilson; however, he has since become one of Marvel’s most beloved and easily recognizable characters.

His unparalleled weapon skills and healing factor almost on par with Wolverine’s make him tough as nails.  An assassin/mercenary just like Slade, Deadpool often forgoes money for fame, honor or friendship, and has saved several of the Marvel Universes more than once

Thomas Wayne

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Yes, Batman’s father is the ultimate comic book anti-hero. During the events of Flashpoint, the entire DC Universe was altered; one of these changes was Bruce Wayne dying during the robbery which originally killed his parents. This event led to Thomas becoming Batman instead. Thomas holds none of Bruce’s qualms regarding firearms and killing, and will do whatever necessary to rid Gotham of crime.

This attitude pays off in the end when he manages to kill Professor Zoom, the man responsible for the altered timeline, and restore the universe to its original form.

Though his stint as Batman was short-lived, Thomas Wayne proved to be one of the greatest anti-heroes in comic book history.

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