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Brews To Beat the Heat: 5 Delicious Summer Beers

Harpoon Summer

If you enjoy the taste of a lager but worry that your standard brew might be too thick for the summer months, Harpoon Summer might be the answer for you—this beer from a quaint brewery in Vermont tastes like a very light, refreshing lager.

Victory Summer Love

The name of this beer sounds like the title for a teen rom-com based in the hippie era: Victory! Summer Love isn't coming to box offices, because it's a beer. Thank god. In any event, this great summer beer is a wheat brew with subtle undertones of citrust—perfect for the poolside.

Twilight Ale

If you're on the west coast, you've probably seen beers from the very popular Oregon-based brewery, Deschutes. Their most refreshing summer beer brew is undoubtedly their signature Twilight Ale, which features a clean texture with a hint of spicy hops. This is the beer you want to drink after barbecuing with the boys.

Brooklyn Summer Ale

And here's one for the east coast readers: another pale ale, Brooklyn Summer. This beer has a light taste without actually being light beer—you can drink the refreshing stuff after eating a few hot dogs at the game and not feel like you got kicked in the gut by a donkey.

Bitter American

Do you like bitter beer? Do you like the flavor of hops, but hate the weighed down feeling they can give you? Do you find yourself wishing more beers had sweet monkey-in-space art on the cans? Discover Bitter American, by the 21st Amendment Brewery, the perfect summer beer for bitter fans. This stuff also packs quite a punch in the alcohol department, so watch out—Bitter American clocks in at 4.4%. But who cares, it's summertime!

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