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5 Cool Sci Fi Space Ships

5. Dropship

Some examples of the Dropship include Starship Troopers, Retrieval Boats and the UD4L Cheyenne that was in the Aliens 1986 film.

4. Shadow Destroyer

This was one of the best pictures that I could find of the Shadow Destroyer. You would think that there would be better pictures of it because it's really a great Sci-Fi ship. Just look at it. I'm sure that we all can agree that the name is perfect for this Sci Fi space ship.

3. Vorlon vessel

The Vorlon vessel almost looks like a sea creature. When one of the baddies get blown up on one of the episodes of the B5 it's rather distracting because of having to watch the Vorlon vessel in action.

2. U.S.S. Sulaco

One of the most popular ships is the U.S.S. Sulaco. Just look at this thing. How would you feel if you saw the U.S.S. Sulaco headed in your direction? Run!

1. Shadow Vessel

Shadow Vessel is also known as the Battlecrab. Must I explain as to why it's known as the Battlecrab? It really does look like a crab and it's so spooky whenever you look at it. In many ways it reminds of not only a crab but also a spider.

Steve attanasie

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