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3 Violent Video Games Which Can Teach You a Lesson

Bullies Are Bad, M'kay?

violent video games

Hopefully at least some of you will remember this awesome Grand Theft Auto inspired sandbox game. Bully was nothing but one big lesson—and that was pretty much what you'd expect: “bullies are bad, m'kay?”

Instead of being set in a big city where you could pick up hookers, bang them, and then kill them to get your money back, you could beat up other kids. The game would punish you for being naughty in pretty realistic ways—so, instead of, say, being shot in the face, you'd have to go to detention. Yes, detention in a video game.

Remember when you used to come home from school to play video games? This is the equivalent of being an adult and coming home to play a game... about working.

Don't Torture Cute Animals

violent video games

Reason Number 357 Why My Parents Didn't Love Me: They never bought me a copy of The Legend of Zelda.

Perhaps then I would have learned that torturing birds is, apparently, wrong. Some gamers might remember the “cuccos” (i.e. chickens) which the game would absolutely destroy you for killing. If you had Link mercilessly execute one of the birds—think about it, that's pretty messed up, imagine stabbing a chicken in real life with a magical sword—a group of “war cuccos” would spawn and harass/kill you. The only escape was to leave the area and wallow in your shame.

Anything Created by Bethesda: Break The Law And You'll Probably Get Murdered

violent video games

Players of anything in The Elder Scrolls franchise are probably familiar with the phrase “Stop right there, criminal scum!” which is the phrase repeatedly yelled at you by guards while they hack at your frail body with their swords. This can happen for breaking any number of laws, like pickpocketing, killing a citizen of a town, or accidentally picking up a wooden spoon that doesn't belong to you.

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