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5 Hottest Playboy Bunnies Of All Time

5. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was actually the very first Playmate of the Month back in December of 1953 and then later she was called “Sweetheart of the Month”. In 1947 nude photographs were done because she did pose formally for the magazine. They purchased the nude pictures and used them. Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner actually never met. Her Bust was 36”; Waist: 24’; Height 5’5; Hips: 34’ and her weight was 118 lbs. She loved playwrights, Presidents and baseball but Barbiturates turned her off. I'd be willing to bet if Marilyn Monroe were around today she would be best friends with Kate Upton. But nowadays people will bet on anything.

4. Victoria Silvstedt

In December 1996 Victoria Silvstedt was the Playmate of the month. In the year 1997 she won the title Playmate of the Year. Victoria is a Swedish model and Huge Hefner approached her asking her to appear in Playboy after the Miss World competition was finished. Victoria now keeps herself busy by co-hosting at least three different kinds of international versions of the famous game show Wheel of Fortune. Her bust is 36’C; Hips: 36 ½; Waist: 25’; Weight: 138 lbs and her height is 5’10. She likes a sexy butt and a wet body that is suntanned. She doesn’t like people that are pushy, dishonest and guys that show off.

3. Lisa Marie Scott

In February 1995, Lisa Marie Scott was the Playmate of the Month. Before she was modeling for the Playboy she was also a professional ballerina. Lisa Marie Scott is part of the Scottish and of the Japanese descent. She’s also an actress and has played in the movies such as Ringer, Glass Cage and The Corporate Ladder. Her bust is 34”C; Hips: 33 ½; Waist: 21; Height 5’2 and her weight is 103 lbs. She likes children, honesty, kindness, intelligence, insight, athletic legs, food, humor, surfers and blue eyes. She doesn’t like egotistical men, people that might be materialistic or superficial, fat free food items, rush hour traffic, ignorance and she also doesn’t like the desert.

2. Anna Nicole Smith

In the year 1993 Anna Nicole Smith started to gain popularity because she was named the Playmate of the year. She modeled for a variety of clothing companies such as Guess Jeans plus Lane Bryant. New York magazine also used her photograph on the cover of the issue for August 22nd, 1994 and it was titled the White Trash Nation. She appeared in the magazine wearing a very short skirt plus cowboy boots and she was eating chips. Her lawyer went after the magazine company claiming that the photo was unauthorized and sued them for $5,000,000 and said that her reputation had been damaged. He also said the picture that was used was when she was on vacation having fun. Her bust was 36DD; Waist: 26 in, Hips: 38 in, height: 5 ft 11 in and her weight was 140 lb. Anna Smith loved Marilyn Monroe and idolized her. She didn’t like people that would not take her seriously in her career.

1.  Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is one of the most popular and famous Playmates for the very last decade of the defender of the furry friends. She is known for her sexy deflating chest and for her ballooning. She’s also known for her relationships plus marriages to rockers Kid Rock and with Tommy Lee. In the February 1990 appearance Pamela decided it was time for a change and bleached her hair and augmented her chest. Later she launched her career with having floatation devices that appears in Baywatch. She later appeared on the Playboy cover 12 more times and that is more appearance than anyone else in the history of Playboy. She also appears in a lot of TV Shows plus movies and in the movie “Stacked” she’s a very ditzy blonde. Her height is 5’7; Bust: 36 in; Waist: 22 in; Hips: 34 in and her weight is 105 lbs. Anderson is for animal rights and she doesn’t like eating animals and is a vegan.   

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