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10 Most Controversial Movie Posters Of All Time

In any business whether you are in a retail, commercial, and other sorts of market, you have to ensure its salability. The end goal of it is to make a profit. Hence, prior before achieving the final result, one has to make a thorough effort, make credible, and reliable marketing techniques by utilizing all tools available, and coordinating other channels to ensure that everything will go smoothly as planned. Resources, time, and energy are the primary investment that anyone has to make. It’s the same pattern in the movie industry, but their business is produce quality movies that people would love, and enjoy. The critical part is informing, and inviting everyone to watch for their upcoming film aside from the production, directing, and shooting processes that the whole cast, staff, and crew have went through. This is the intent of a movie poster which is also known as a film poster. It is utilize for extensive advertisement or promotion of the movie. It depends on the studios that would decide the number of posters that would be printed either it’s for local or international market. These posters are normally display on public exhibition, streets, outside of movie theaters, shops, newspapers, flyers, and even on packaging. Its purpose is to catch people’s attention, but there are some posters that did not just capture everybody’s attention, but their posters became controversial. Here are the 10 most controversial movie posters of all time, and discover why they seized the center of limelight.

10. The Outlaw (1943)

It became a Hollywood scandal during that time. In fact, the release of this movie has been delayed for two years. This film was led by Jane Russell which was directed by Howard Hughes. In fact, the showing of the movie lasted for a week but Russell gained a sex symbol title because of the outcome of the movie, and the poster. The curvaceous allurement was the center of controversy in this poster that Jane Russell has showcased.    


9. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

This was a Christmas movie film that caught attention of the believers of Santa Claus because of a different kind of Santa that depicts a notorious slasher on the poster wherein a Father was axed down to the chimney. This movie was directed by Charles E. Sellier Jr and produced by Ira R. Mark. It’s not just controversial on the poster itself, but even how the kids’ favorite hero during Christmas became devilish. One of the distributors of the film pulled out their advertisement for this movie because of the negative reactions that it had caught from the society, and the media.    



8. Zack And Miri Make A Porno (2008)

It might be a romantic comedy film which starred by Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen. It’s directed by Kevin Smith and produced by Scott Mosier. It’s all about two best of friends since grade one who became roommates. There are two reasons why it got the attention of the public, first, at the bottom of the image you’ll observe that something is going on, and it was evident on the facial expression of Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen. Second controversial issue is the word “porno” which was added on the title of the movie which was the reason why it received a rejection from the MPAA.


7. Les Infidèles (2012)

It is a French movie that shows various infidelity of male which was directed by 7 directors themselves, and who have also conceptualized the flow of the story. It shocked the uptight, and illiberal minds of the Parisians when they saw bunch of posters on the street which is an array of invitation about “sex education on the street” which led to the eradication of the posters on the streets.    



6. Moscow on the Hudson (1984)

This movie is about the difficulty of the adjustment that Vladimir Ivanoff played by Robin Williams had experience when he started his voyage from Russia going to New York. The only controversial issue on this is the copyright issue that the Saul Steinberg, a New York cartoonist filed against the producer of the movie because of his view of the World from the Ninth Avenue which was used on the poster. He won the case against the producer of this film.    


5. Saw 2 (2005)

This is actually a sequel of Saw in 2004 after it had so much success. In fact, its  a second series out of the 7 series. Nonetheless, the reaction was not the same on the first hit because of the public domain issue. The poster was actually impressive as many of the film experts have observed wherein it shows two severed fingers of a couple, and other numbering seen on the posters were based on human body parts.    


4. Shame (2011)

The movie is about an over indulgence on sex or sex addiction which starred by Carey Muligan and Michael Fassbender. It had shown various sexual scenes since the movie tackles the sexual addiction that resulted to an NC-17 rating. The poster has created dissension and arguments among the moral advocates, and liberalists. Everyone would have an impression that the element used to create the word shame was not really a toothpaste, but out of human’s semen. The Hungarian poster got banned but other posters in other countries that have depicted a different image were not pulled out in the market.    


3. I Spit On Your Grave (2010)


This is an horror film that talks about the revenge of a writer, who was brutally rape and killed which led by Sarah Butler,  Chad Lindberg, Rodney Eastman, Andrew Howard, and Jeff Branson. The poster became controversial among bloggers because as they have explained, the image suggests “the reprehensible sexualisation of rape” despite of the fact that it was not really censored.    


2. Couples Retreat (2009)

It’s a comedy film about four couples, but then poster came out, it only showed three couples which became the biggest setback against the movie. The fourth couple is actually black, and everyone has assumed that it promotes racial discrimination. Nonetheless, the poster was revised to avoid any outcry from the public.    


1. Captivity (2007)

It’s about two people who have found themselves behind a cellar. The poster shows series of adduction made their kidnapper, and the kind of torture that they had to endure. MPAA banned this poster because it’s more of a billboard than a poster.

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