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5 Things You Remember If You're a 90's Kid

VHS for movies, Cassette Tapes for Music

It's almost hard to imagine now, but we used to go down to this strange little store that no longer exists—it was called Blockbuster—and rent these large, clunky, low-definition little boxes for $2.99. That's how we watched movies, and by golly, we liked it. And music? Hah! That was all on tape too, there were no CDs yet (which, strangely enough, are already pretty much phased out these days by the likes of iPods and other personal media players). If you're feeling warm and fuzzy with nostalgia, let's go ahead and replace that with a little bitterness: there are little human beings alive today that don't know what it's like to live in a world without Netflix, YouTube, or delightfully easy-to-pirate mp3's.

You Thought Goosebumps Were The Height of Literature

Does the name R.L. Stine ring a bell? If you still have some of these books tucked away in a box in the attic or something, pull them out. You'll be shocked by how terrible and basic the writing was—to be fair, they are books for children, but you'll finally understand why all your English teachers wouldn't let you use them for book reports.

You And All Of Your Friends Collected Pogs, But Never Actually Played

How was this game supposed to work, anyway? If memory serves, you were supposed to stack them up, and hit them with a “slammer,” one of the big heavy pieces, but nobody ever really did that. Either way, you probably had at least one or two of these at the bottom of your backpack for a year or two.

You Actually Liked The Smashing Pumpkins

Oh, Billy Corgan, you depressing bastard. Thanks for making puberty even weirder. At least Darcy was hot.

Cartoons Didn't Suck

Do kids even get up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons anymore? Sadly, with the advent of 24-hour cartoon channels and on-demand services like Netflix, this ritual has probably been long abandoned by the kids of today. Sucks for them, because our cartoons were way better.

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