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5 Hilarious Ways to Cover Up a Tattoo

It Didn't Work Out

Things didn't work out with Tracy—so her namesake had to get hit with the void stamp. Two things you might want to notice here. One, this man is one hairy son of a gun. You'd think that his fur coat there would have covered up her name anyway. But no, he decided to shave it off again and draw even more attention to the tattoo (Tracy must have been a real bitch). It also looks like he lost some weight. Good for him. Now he's attractive to pick up Tracy's sister! Let's just hope he doesn't get his next girlfriend's name tattooed above his other nipple.

Worse Than Tracy

If you thought Tracy was bad, you never met Lori. She was, according to this stamp cover up, a big time slut.

Mom Won't Reject Me

By now you should be getting the message: don't get a girl's name permanently inked onto your body. Get a snake, or a skull, or if you absolutely must, a tribal. But never a woman's name. Even if, as in the above example, it's just an initial. You might have to change it to say “mom.” Because that's what every mother wants for her son; to get tattoos and have failed relationships.

Going Overboard

This guy must have really been burned by the girl whose initials appear in the original tattoo. I mean, look at the cover up. From what you can tell, it appears to be some kind of grim reaper character, with a bony claw crushing a bleeding heart. Damn. She did a number on him.

Too Soon?

Amy Winehouse, God rest her soul, used to have a tattoo of a topless woman on her arm. You see, this is the difference between men and women—dudes don't get other naked dudes tattooed on their body. Well, except for that one guy I met in the drunk tank at the county jail. Anyway, good old Amy would sometimes use a permanent marker to give her naked lady a bikini. She was such a classy lady.

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