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5 Crazy Historical Weapons From Around the World

China - Zhua


Know what is considered deadly in China, the home of kung fu? Hands.

Hands, and bird flu, but nevermind that.

With that in mind, some bright spark came up with the idea to combine a spear with hands. The zhua could rip shields from an opponent’s grasp and tear chunks out of his face and skull. It also comes in whip form, in case an iron claw on the end of a pole is just too sensible for your murderous needs.

India – Urumi


The main thread running through insane weapon designs seems to be combining totally unrelated weapons into one, crazy weapon. Crazy and awesome. This Indian whip-sword, the urumi, can be used as a belt. Then, when your unsuspecting enemy approaches, foolishly wielding an unimaginative (and effective) sword, you can rip  out your urumi and whip the flexible, six-foot blade at him, causing… minor lacerations. Yeah, somebody didn’t think this one through.

China – Nest of Bees


The Chinese apparently loved insane weapon ideas. This wooden box would be filled with dozens of rocket-propelled arrows. These arrows could fly much farther than an arrow fired from a bow, without the aid of rockets; however, the extra distance came at the cost of accuracy, so the Chinese would wait until the time was right and then fire thousands of rocket-arrows at the enemy, killing many of them before they were in range themselves.

India - Chakram


This innocuous-looking little disc is actually razor-sharp and perfectly balanced to make hitting its target achievable. With practice, a Sikh warrior wielding this death-disk could sever an artery from a considerable distance, thanks to the design reducing air drag. Getting in close wouldn’t save you either, as the chakram could be used as a melee weapon too.

Africa - Kpinga


This weapon is unrivalled in the insanity stakes. How would you use this? Like a knife? Like a boomerang? As a wrench? This weapon was used by the Zande tribe of North-Eastern Africa for centuries. The blade closest to the handle represented the wielder’s genitals, so that’s nice. Not only was it a crazy whirlwind of death, it doubled as a bragging tool.

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