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What We Wish We Had As Kids: 3 Insane Real Tree Houses

The Largest Tree House In The World

Look at that thing. That's what we imagined our tree houses looked like as kids, when they were really just some rickety boards nailed into the branches of the tree in the back yard (the construction of which was probably the catalyst for the first time we heard our fathers use the F word). This crazy tree house is located in the UK, just south of Edinburgh, and spans 6,000 square feet. What's especially cool about it is that a lot of the wood used comes from all over the world—oh, and it has a dining room in it that can seat up to 120 people.


Want to venture a guess at how much it cost to construct this behemoth? Keep guessing. No, a little more than that. Yeah, this thing cost $7 million to put together. The people who made this didn't want to just fulfill their boyhood dreams of having a pretty sweet tree house: they wanted to go above and beyond (and into the depths of man-child insanity?).


The Tree House That Came Out Of A Fantasy Novel

This one isn't anywhere near as lavish as the tree house above, but damned if it doesn't look awesome. Located in British Columbia, this tree house was inspired by fairy tales and fantasy stories. Could you imagine walking through the forest, maybe stopping to eat some safe and totally not hallucinogenic mushrooms, and then coming across this thing? You'd think you had stepped into Narnia, or discovered a long lost race of elves. Those of you who remember that computer game called Mist might see something familiar in its design as well.


Tree House: The Literal Version

Yep, that's a tree growing right through a house. Well, all right, the tree was there for a long, long time before the house was—some crazy folks decided to build the house around the tree. No doubt a challenging feat of architecture, this hippie's-wet-dream-come-true is an entire story off the ground. Would you live in it?

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