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Top 3 Biggest Food Items Ever Cooked

The Biggest Burger Ever Made

Who cooked it: Juicy's LLC
How big it was: 777 Pounds

The biggest burger ever made

Look at that delicious son of a bitch. The only kind of people who don't like hamburgers are the kind of people who don't have souls—watch out for those vegans. This astronomical heart attack waiting to happen weighed 777 pounds. The lucky sevens weight was on purpose, which had to have been a little difficult to achieve. The burger alone weighed 600 pounds, and the other 177 was made up of the buns, twelve freaking pounds of pickles, and tons of other toppings like lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. We hear that this is what the gals on The View eat after the show as a snack.

The Biggest Tray of Nachos Ever

Who cooked it: A bunch of crazy people in Kansas
How big it was: 4,689 pounds

The biggest tray of nachos ever

You just know that someone had to call an ambulance. This actually wasn't technically the biggest TRAY of nachos ever, they literally had to be served in a trough. You know, the deals they use to feed livestock with. When you start eating anything out of a trough, it might be time to call Jenny Craig. 4,689 pounds of nachos—plumbers all over Kansas must have been rejoicing at all of the business they were getting as a result of backed up toilets.

The Biggest Ice Cream Float Ever

Who cooked it: Coca Cola
How big it was: 3,000 gallons

The biggest ice cream float ever

To get a sense of scale on this thing, look at the left side of the picture—yeah, that's a human being. This behemoth ice cream float was huge—3,000 gallons. Over seven THOUSAND scoops of ice cream went into it, and it was 15 feet high. Admit it. You kind of wish you could have swam around in it a little.

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