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5 Hilarious Email Screw Ups

How Many Lives Has Autocorrect Ruined?

In this delightful email, Alexander finds himself getting reamed once again by the convenience of autocorrect. Presumably he meant to say that he was “meeting” the representative instead of “murdering” them. Or who knows, maybe it was a Freudian slip. Either way, the other students had better keep an eye on old Alex. He was always so quiet.

That's Not Your Resume

Oh, Vanessa. You poor, dumb girl.

Where shall we begin? In her email, she states that she's attached her resume and cover letter, but all the recipient found was a rather disturbing picture of Nicholas Cage. What was Vanessa doing with that image? Perhaps more importantly, does Vanessa not know the difference between a single picture of the actor who gave us totally-not-awful movies like The Sorcerer's Apprentice or National Treasure and her own resume?

Thanks, Amazon

He wanted an extremely large cocktail shaker, but he got more than he was bargaining for. Perhaps worth asking here is why did he need a gigantic cocktail shaker? What, the average sized one wasn't enough to satisfy him?

Tia is Retarded

This is why young ladies shouldn't give themselves cutesy porn star nicknames. And as far as porn star nicknames, “Tia Titties” isn't really that great—she might as well have chosen an equally obnoxious name like “Nancy Nipples”. To be fair, you know every dude working the HR department checked out her application.


All right, so this one kind of seems like it could be a joke, but it was worth including. Poor Bill.

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