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4 Extremely Weird World Records You'll Never Beat

Wait, There's a World Record for That?

If you've ever had the pleasure of flipping through the Guinness Book of World Records (most likely in the bathroom, which is statistically proven to be where 97.46% of all Guinness books are kept), you'll have noted that there are some pretty strange and obscure world records.


Here's a great one: longest time spinning a basketball on top of a toothbrush held in your mouth. Yeah, that's a real record, and the very talented Mr. Thaneshwar Guragai of Kathmandu recently beat the world record of 13 and a half seconds, previously held by a really bored guy from the UK. Thaneshwar managed to suspend the spinning ball on his toothbrush for a whopping 22 seconds. Now that's a talent, truly a great way to spend your limited time on this earth.


The World's Most Pointless Wedding Dress

All right, all right, technically the record is for the world's longest wedding dress, but come on. Would you ever even consider marrying a woman with an ego like that? “I demand to break a world record while we get married. Also, I'm going to divorce you in a few years and take half of your things. But until then, please enjoy paying for my stupid ideas.”


The Biggest Onion in the World

Look at how proud that old man is. He's holding his monster onion like a baby. Pete Glazebrook grew himself a huge 17 pound onion, which broke the world record. You can't even think about making fun of him, the man is clearly a badass.



This young gentleman, She Ping of China, holds the world record for “most bees covering a human body at one time.” This dude had about 330,000 bees on him all at once and not only lived to tell about it, but now holds a world record—and it's going to require a very brave beekeeper to even think about breaking it.

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