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Top 10 Myths About Girls

Myths about girls abound in almost all societies around the world, very devastating effects. There are those myths that young boys just discovering their sexuality have come to believe, harboring such beliefs right into their adulthood. The resulting effect is that they end up having a negative view about girls in general to a point that most do not associate themselves with girls. It is therefore not surprising to find some guys in their forty’s neither married nor in any relationship with the opposite sex. It is only important that such myths be laid out and actual facts pointed out for the benefit of boys and young men who may have taken them to be the true facts about girls.


1.       One of the top ten myths about girls that has misled many boys is that girls are generally weak in science subjects and instead prefer art subjects. This is certainly untrue. Millions of girls in different higher learning institutions around the world are actually pursuing science-related degree programs. Millions of women are currently involved in scientific research activities, a clear indication that girls do well in science subjects just like boys.

2.       Girls have generally been made to believe that girls are better off partaking in preparation of food and house clean up. The reality is that just like boys, girls too have the right to play and involve themselves in activities that boys partake in. In any case, boys too need to get involve in various activities at home to equip themselves with necessary house-keeping skills.

3.       One of the top myths that is very misleading is that girls are incapable of following laid down rules, let alone understanding them. There is no doubt when compared to boys, girls normally do all that they can to stay out of trouble.

4.       A common belief amongst boys that girls always love to be showered with gifts and presents is very misleading. Like boys, girls will appreciate gifts given to them but do not look forward to receiving the same after successful completion of a task or assignment.

5.       Another common myth that is misleading is that girls are incapable of getting themselves involved in sports and activities associated with men. It is a fact that many girls are now involved in sports activities that were previously dominated by men.

6.       The myth that girls pamper and make themselves pretty for the purpose of getting attention has misled many boys, with many abandoning the need to keep themselves clean and tidy. The fact is that girls generally follow in their mothers’ footsteps; keenly watching how their mums take care of themselves.

7.       The myth that girls generally hate their fellow girls and will not help each other out is not only untrue but also misleading. When it comes to love and helping each other, girls do it well better than boys.

8.       There is a common myth that girls are generally slow learners. Nothing can be further from the truth; girls are in fact not only fast but better learners than boys.

9.       The myth that girls are generally mean is not only one of the top myths about girls but also very untrue. It is a fact that girls will share whatever they have no matter how little with their friends.

10.   A very common top myth that has made many boys keep off girls is that girls do not like to socialize. If there are people who like to socialize and make friends then girls it is.    

The fact that these kinds of myths about girls abound makes it very necessary for parents to take charge and inform their teenagers (both sexes) on the true facts. These myths do not only affect boys; girls who have heard them are also negatively affected with some of them developing a negative attitude towards guys. Informing teenagers about the true facts about both sexes goes along way in arresting any possible mistakes and dangers that a girl may find herself in the future. 

Steve attanasie

Double Viking