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4 Most Evil Geeks On Earth Right Now

A world where a degree in computer science can make you a millionaire and people actually buy fake glasses to simulate a disability.

The superhero’s code states, with great power comes great responsibility. Here, we out those who are using their powers for evil.

Before we start this list of danger, let me make one thing clear. It’s cool to be a geek. I’m a geek. As far as I’m concerned, a geek is simply someone who’s intelligence threatens others and therefore makes them disliked. The last people you want to upset nowadays are the geeks.

They are like the illuminati of Dan Brown’s novels. A geek who wasn’t quite evil enough to make this countdown.

So here we go.

1. Mark Zuckerbergclip_image002


No-one can be in any doubt that Mark is king of the geeks. The man is the most well know in the modern world and invented the biggest social network the world has ever seen. He has had his life made into a blockbusting film and, at last count, was said to be worth $17.5 billion.

But, he has RUINED THE WORLD!! Facebook has become some people’s entire lives. It has got in the way of people’s work, it can be addictive and is ironically the home of people who bully geeks.clip_image004

This isn’t the end of his tyrannic rule over the virtual world though. Facebook has become a platform for some of the most horrific “games” the world has ever seen. FarmVille. That is all.

2. Simon Cowellclip_image006


Love him or hate him (pretty sure we all know who is in the majority here), the founder of SyCo is clearly an evil genius.

His evil genius doesn’t stop at trying to put national legends like Brucie out of a job though, oh no. Not content with taking over our screens for the entire year with shows like the ironically named X-Factorand Britain’s Got Talent but also continues to give PJ and Duncan work with gameshows, when they should have clearly stopped after SM:TV live. Dragging out their pain is nothing short of cruel.


As if that wasn’t enough, Cowell is the Dr Frankenstein of the media world. He creates pop monsters like Matt Cardle, Marcus Collins and other generic “artists” and pushes music made by some real talented artists through them until they become unrecognisable crap. For examples, see Matt Cardle’s – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army. I apologise for giving you a reason to subject your ears to that.

3. Jeremy Kyleclip_image010

Yeh. You heard. He is clever. Only an intellectual can make the very people he publicly humiliates on a day to day basis become the very people who idolise him enough to fund his slow but sure takeover of the world’s daytime television.


4. Jeremy Clarksonclip_image014

Jezza nearly didn’t make it to this list. Mainly because I couldn’t decide whether he is an intellectual. He does have a column in a national paper and a popular TV show so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.clip_image016

Jezza is a rare form. He doesn’t mean to be evil, he just has no inner monologue. He thinks he’s funny, like your aging uncle who gets slightly racist after a can of special brew at Christmas.


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