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Best Ways To Win An Argument With Your Girlfriend

Relationships are meant to be enjoyable and peaceful as much as possible. The fact of the matter is that it is always not the case. Due to conflicting interests, views and actions, you are highly likely to get into an argument with your girlfriend. It is simply unavoidable. The fact that you argue does not necessarily mean that you are not compatible with each other. An argument normally arises because you both look at issues in different ways. It should not be the basis of a serious difference that can lead to a break up. One thing you need to realize is that it is very difficult to win an argument with your girlfriend; she will always have the upper hand because men generally talk less.

1.       The fact that your girlfriend has an upper hand when an argument arises does not mean that you cannot win when arguing. Arguments are generally healthy and you need to argue in a realistic and factual manner. In this regard, it is important that you carefully choose your words so that you do not in any way annoy your girlfriend. Always argue for the purpose of letting her know and appreciate your view on what you are arguing about. Choice of words you use is important considering the fact that she will be arguing with elements of emotion.


2.       Apart from choice of words, how you talk and express yourself during an argument will decide if you would win the argument or not. Winning an argument with her requires that you stay calm and composed. Avoid being irritated to a point that you show anger.


3.       The tone of your voice is also important; argue with a normal loving tone that will make her reconsider her yelling at you. More importantly, consider focusing on yourself rather than on her; instead of "you do not understand me", consider saying "I think am not understood". This will eliminate any impression that you accuse her, which will make her reconsider her argument position.


4.       One thing you can do to ruin your chances of coming out top when arguing with your girlfriend is to drag names of your friends and hers into the argument. Dragging other peoples' names into your argument will not only aggravate the issue at hand but also put your relationship in a precarious position. Let the argument involve the two of you. Most importantly, never refer to any argument you have had before. Doing so will simply aggravate the present argument and in effect would ruin your chances of winning.


5.       Winning an argument with your girlfriend requires that you be a good listener. Listen to every word and decipher the meaning of the words you hear. The fact that your girlfriend will likely say one word to mean something else makes listening and deciphering meanings of what she says very necessary. Give her time to talk before replying. Do not in any way interrupt her as she speaks. It is actually better to look straight into her eyes when replying. Doing so will make her lose concentration and you will have won the argument before you know it.


6.       A top way to win an argument with your girlfriend is to ensure that she agrees with the statements you make. For this to work, such statements need to be true. Note that your aim is not only to win an argument but to get her to your side.


7.       One thing you cannot do in your effort to win an argument with your girlfriend is to attack her verbally or physically the way small kids do. Argue firmly but in a polite and composed manner

8.       Arguing with your girlfriend and winning the same requires that you refrain at all costs from name calling. Do not in any way argue about her; let your argument be on the subject matter.

9.       An effective way of winning an argument with your girlfriend is to be honest with your facts. Presenting true facts about the subject matter will eventually win her over.

10.   How you conclude your argument is very important in winning over your girlfriend. No matter how acrimonious the argument is, make it a point to conclude your part with encouraging words that show her that you still care.

You need not fear getting into an argument with your girlfriend. As a matter of fact, occasionally arguing with her will help you understand her better. This is something that will be very helpful in future just in case you eventually make a decision to propose to her. The period soon after an argument is very critical; this is where your role as the man is required. The fact that you won an argument should not mean that she is inferior to you and you need to ensure that she does not have such a feeling. Do not only tell her that you love her; embrace and appreciate her.     

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