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Diseases That Won't Kill You But Are Truly Worse Than Death

Necrotizing Fasciitis


Necrotizing fasciitis is a bacterial infection that spreads rapidly and destroys the body's soft tissue. Commonly called a “flesh-eating infection”, this rare disease can be caused by more than one type of bacteria.

In cases of necrotizing fasciitis, bacteria spread rapidly once they enter the body. They infect the connective bands of tissue that surround muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels. The infection also damages the tissues next to these. Some infected with necrotizing fasciitis may complain of pain or soreness, similar to that of a pulled muscle.

Necrotizing fasciitis often leads to amputation if infected tissue, but can luckily be avoided by keeping clean and healthy.



Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease found in parts of the tropics and southern Europe. Leishmaniasis is caused by parasites which are spread by the bite of infected sand flies. The most common forms of leishmaniasis affect skin sores and several internal organs. The main way this parasite is spread is through the bite of infected female sand flies. Unfortunately, avoiding sand flies isn’t going to be easy because they are 3 times smaller than mosquitoes, make no noise at all, mainly come out at night, and their bites can be painless.

Even if you go nowhere near sand flies, leishmaniasis has been known to be spread through blood transfusions and even from mother to unborn child. The disease sometimes goes away on its own, but can take months or even years.



Paragonimus is a parasitic lung fluke. Infection usually occurs after eating raw or undercooked infected shellfish. The flukes then migrate within the body, most often ending up in the lungs. In 6-10 weeks the larvae mature into adult flukes. From there, these little worms spread all around your body, and can be found in your bowels, lungs, and even your central nervous system. Infected cough up blood and eggs, get meningitis-like symptoms and generally feel like surrendering and letting the fluke have their body if it’s so great.

Luckily there is a cure; but prevention would be much better: never eat raw crustaceans, people. Although maybe this is Darwin in action.

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