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10 Coolest & Bizarre Batman Mods

Batman PC Gaming Center/Home Theater 


This is pretty hot for the above average Bat-fan. This is a 40" screen, with the PC inside of the 50" bat-symbol shaped case. While some people may think this is bordering on obsession, the true comic book fan can appreciate both the sleek design of the case mod and at the same time homage paid to the Bat. For more info, click here.


Batman Utility Belt PC


Here's an interesting take on modding your PC case: Batman's Utility Belt. While the design of this is crazy, I can't help but wonder if there's a pocket on this for Bat-Shark Repellent...for the story, click here.


Batman Tumbler PC


Wow. Just...wow. This time, Batman's "Tumbler" of Batman Begins fame is the project, and it took the creator a month and a half of work to create the Batmobile PC. Using a 1/16 scale RC from Wal-Mart, the creator removed all of the insides and windows (for cooling) and replaced it with the computer parts from a 40 gig AMD Sempron PC used primarily for surfing the web. For details, check this out.

Batman in Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas

What happens when you take one of the most successful characters of all time and combine him with one of the most successful video games of all time? Batman + Grand Theft Auto = Win!

Batwings for Eyebrows 


I think the picture says it all. Modding your eyebrows to be batwings...wow. If you raise them real fast, do you take off?


Batwing Fan Blades 


"Alfred, it's hot in here. turn on...the BatFan." This borders on a little creepy in my book. I guess the upside is that if you get robbed you could snatch one of these down and throw it at the intruder Batarang style... 

Batman's Bat Cave Home Theater 


OK, now THIS is badass in my book. Someone has modified their entire basement as the BatCave, complete with home theater system. I need one of these in my life, for real...once I, you know, get a basement...and a lot of money...and nothing else to do with it...

Customized Batmobile 


 The first Batmobile is still the best in some people's book, so in this case we find that someone's created their own replica of the 60's television Batmobile. While I was never a fan of the design of this one, I gotta admit that some real love and attention was paid to get this level of authenticity. Nice job!

Customized Batman Beyond Action Figure 


 Here we find a custom made Batman Beyond figure, sculpted from an "Armor Batman". The concept was to create a figure that was closer to the Batman we're more used to. See the work in progress.

Real Life Utility Belt

Watch the video. 'Nuff said.

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