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Hi-5: Five Sexiest Beer Commercials

I've never heard of Moosehead Light Beer, but then again I've never seen two women give each other an erotic rubdown. This commercial gets a few points taken off due to the sight of man ass, but we would all make that trade-off to see two chicks rub each other down. Hell, we do it every time we watch a porno.


Do you hate your job? Do you dream of one day working in a place loaded with hot women and free beer? Well, this commercial is pretty much the closest thing you'll ever get to that. Look on the bright side. If you showered with your coworkers, you could use Bill from accounting's hairy sac as a loofa. You know he hasn't manscaped in years. Yea, I said it, but we were all thinking it.


Come on. You knew we would have to look towards Brazil to find hot women in a beer commercial. We love it not only because there are tiny bikinis, but because there are TONS of tiny bikinis. Hell, even the cartoon tattoo had to stop and do a double take. The best thing about this spot? Someone got rid of a really stupid tattoo. And your mother said drinking beer would never amount to anything good...


This commercial has three things that guys love: women with huge breasts, beer, and women with huge breasts fighting in a fountain. Maybe I'm hanging around the wrong fountains because whenever I see two chicks fighting they always have chunks of each other's hair in their hands instead of each other's shirts. They also have mustaches.


We revisit Brazil for yet another thong-filled beer commercial where a woman does the bidding of a dude with a beer. I'm not sure why he didn't try to shove the beer down his pants once he saw what was going on. I think we can all agree it's worth icing your man jewels for a Brazilian rub down. At least he didn't let his friend touch his bottle. Here's a lesson to all you young drinkers out there: protect your bottles, because there are guys out there that want to get their hands on them. Especially at truck stops.

Steve attanasie

Double Viking