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Raising The Bar: The 10 Worst Beers Ever Created



10) Genesee



This beer is brewed in Rochester, New York -- where I'm from -- and I refuse to drink it. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in this region drinking it; we mostly export it to the South ,where they don’t know any better. When your only competition is Budweiser, you really don’t have that much of an opportunity to look bad. I guess one man’s shit is another man’s champagne.  


9) Corona (Mexico)



It is considered the worst of the Mexican beers on the market. I’ve lived in Southern California, and most migrant farm workers avoid this beer; they referred to it as piss in a bottle. The really funny thing is the people who consider this a higher class beer. Little do they know.


8) Busch



Before the first time I drank Busch, I had never experienced a beer that gave me the shits immediately. After drinking this beer, you might as well write off the next 24 to 48 hours of your life, because you will be spending it on the toilet. In fact, just the smell of it makes my stomach crawl and my asshole begin to leak.  


7) Sapporo (Japanese)



Rice should never be used in the beer making process. My rule of thumb is that any food staple from the third world should never be considered a quality ingredient in a beer. The only thing rice should be part of is filler for a crappy Chinese food dinner -- it shouldn’t be a featured ingredient in anything


6) Pabst Blue Ribbon



This revival for Pabst needs to be stopped. Referencing it in pop culture is all well and fine, but bringing it back only because it is delightfully tacky is just abhorrent.


5) Stepan Razin Studencheskoye (Russia)



I have only read about this beer, and one review said that it smells like a fermented V8. If we have learned anything about the Russians it is that they can make Vodka and Stroganoff, and that's about it.  


4) Milwaukee’s Best



When a beer carries the nickname “the beast,” it is not a good sign. A staple for most college students, the beast has been a cheap drink for a long time. Of course, when the beer tastes like the can it is in and smells like a vagina with a major yeast infection, it isn’t worth drinking.


3) Salva Vida (Honduras)



No wonder Honduras has one of the most notorious gangs in the world in MS-13. I would be pissed off and thirsty for murder as well if I had to drink this shit.  


2) Red Dog



When the only selling point of the beer is that when you look at the label upside down, it looks like Batman eating out Catwoman, you have a major problem. Although, if you think about it as Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman and Christian Bale's Batman going at it…well, it is kind of hot, maybe it isn’t such a bad selling point.


1) Double Black Stout



Hey I know! Let’s combine beer from the Redhook Brewing Company and coffee from Starbucks. This might have been one of the worst ideas in the history of mankind right up there with Zubaz, giving Brian Austin Green and Freddie Prinze Jr their own sitcom, and the Crocodile Hunter going head to head with a Stingray.

What beers would you add or subtract from this list?



Kevin Palmer is a contributor to Double Viking.  You can read his personal blog at Pointlessbanter.net.

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