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Hi-5: Rock Star Daughters

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1. Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz)

The against-all-odds love child of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz is drop dead gorgeous. I guess growing up around a crack-addled cool rockstar and a smooth-skinned Cosby  Show star had its benefits. Zoe looks like a well-heeled version of Alicia Keys, which is  definitely a good thing, in case you were curious. She's only 18 years old, but considering which  side of the fence you're sitting on, that could be a very good, or very bad thing...we're inclined  towards the former, you dirty perv. You could also hit it without any fear of Lenny stepping into an “overprotective father” role. Dude is waaaay too doped up. (By doped, Josh of course means he's rich! Please don't sue us, Lenny --Ed)  Score! Growing up, I had a not- so-secret crush on Lisa Bonet. There is now, thankfully, a younger, hotter version to take her place. Thanks, Zoe! 

2. India Waters (Roger Waters...Pink Floyd)

Growing up around Roger Waters and the boys would have a formative effect on anyone, but  producing a beauty like India Waters seems like a unlikely side effect. Whatever the cause, this one is absolutely stunning...elegant, curves for days, and a delicate build that screams "Be a  man, throw me on the damn couch, an' break off a piece!" Seriously. I hear those words. Verbatim. She went from 10 year old darling, to 14 year old coke fiend, to 30 year old stunner  with amazing grace. For you statistic freaks out there, we've got the specifics on her goods right  here:

            Height: 5'9"

            Bust: 34"

            Waist: 24"

            (Baby Makin') Hips: 34

            Blond hair and hazel/green eyes. Mmmmmmmm. 

3. Norah Jones (Ravi Shankar...practically a rock star)

I'll be the first to admit that Ravi Shankar isn't typically classified as a "rock star." Pause for a moment, however, and consider his intimate association with the Beatles, among many other prominent rock bands during the late 60s/early 70s. Still not convinced? Look at his goddamn daughter. The proof is in the pudding, dudes. Norah Jones is that rare musician who is actually hot, and made that much more attractive because of her sublime voice. Seriously. I would marry a 5'1", 275 whale with a voice like hers, let alone a woman with the refined elegance that is Norah Jones. Fatty natural lips, innocence dripping form her big-ass brown eyes...nuff' said. I   would kidnap/romantically court her in a second, if only my parole officer would let me out of  the house... 

4. Chelsea Tyler (Steven Tyler)

Steven Tyler has a hell of a knack for producing attractive offspring...all of this despite his aforementioned ugly face and cocaine binges. Go figure. While not quite as stunning as her Older Sister, Chelsea Tyler still has goods, especially if you're into that innocent, younger sister of Arwen Evenstar thing. Another upside of pursuing this chick (as if you really needed one) is that your chances of scoring a Tyler-sister threesome would increase by an exponential factor.  

5. Daisy Lowe (Gavin Rossdale)

Calling Gavin Rossdale a “rock star” is a bit generous, given his nancy-boy pedigree and complete lack of artistic output over the last decade and a half. That being said, for roughly 30 minutes Bush was the shit! Combine that with the fact that he created an illicit child with real rockstar humper Bebe Buell, and you've got a bonified rock star daughter. Lowe certainly looks the part, sporting the kind of hipster look that makes you want to bring the pages of an American Apparel catalog to life in a very, very dirty way. This chick looks like she could fuck you up, and for whatever reason, that really excites us. She's hot, badass, and one desirable Rock Star Daughter!

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