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Quentin Tarantino Shares His Plans For a ‘Luke Cage’ Movie

Adventure time 3d388b60 featured News

'Adventure Time' To End in 2018

The sublimely absurd cartoon will end its eight year run in 2018.

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Justin Lin: From 'Fast and Furious' to 'Star Trek' to... Hot Wheels?

He does know how to make car racing cinematic, and definitely knows how to make things go boom!

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Kevin Feige Explains Why Marvel Movie Villains Are Lame

Apparently there's a good reason why supervillains are always cheap knockoffs of the main heroes.


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'Batman v Superman' Ultra-Limited Fully Extended Edition Coming for Chri...

God e-mailed me this morning and told me to share this with you because he fucking hates your guts

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Houdini's Greatest Trick: Debunking Frauds

The master of illusion takes on self-proclaimed psychics.

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Bi-Five: Wonder Woman Writer Greg Rucka Confirms Wonder Woman Is Queer a...

Well, as a queer girl, this makes my week!

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Winston Duke Joins ‘Black Panther’ As The Villainous Man-Ape

The real question is whether Marvel is going to actually call him Man-Ape.

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Laura Gilbert: Harley Quinn Cosplay Gallery

Margot Robbie lookalike Laura Gilbert is going to be the star of any room she walks into dressed as Harley Quinn! This beauty has got the skills to pay the bills and we...

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'Suicide Squad' Has Made More Money Than 'Iron Man'

Wait until you see some of the other movies it's outgrossed... It'll make you depressed


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Set Photo Hints At Tony Stark's Role in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Basically, everything is Iron Man's fault.

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Set Photos From Netflix's 'Luke Cage'

The latest Marvel comic to hit Netflix is coming our way tomorrow, and we've got some set pics that are sure to get you adequately pumped for the debut!

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The Coolest D 'n' D Dice

Impress your friends when you roll these out.

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Kevin Feige Explains ‘Doctor Strange’ and Magic in the MCU

Marvel still seems strangely afraid of real magic in its movies...

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Cosplay Spotlight: Yaya Han

If you like gorgeously ornate costumes on gorgeous women, allow us to introduce you to Yaya Han!

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Joe Manganiello Begins Researching Deathstroke

Playing with action figures isn't real research, Joe.


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Sam Jackson Says Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. "Definitely" Coming Back to ...

If there's one thing I know about Sam Jackson, it's that he doesn't fuck around.