Civil war 7a83dd05 featured News

Russo Brothers Reveal What ‘Civil War’ Would Have Been Like Without Iron Man

Laurene landon and others at san fernando valley comic book convention  04 627c77b2 featured Photos

Laurene Landon And Others At San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention

Maniac Cop star Laurene Landon made quite a showing at the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention!

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What Universal Can Learn from "Penny Dreadful"

How the Showtime series can help Universal create a wondrous world of horror.

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'Doctor Strange' Rewrites Were Overseen By Dan Harmon

The Community and Rick & Morty creator brings his unique brand of comedy to the MCU


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‘Captain Marvel’ Director Search Reaches Shortlist

Marvel's eclectic list proves the only requirement for the job is a pair of X chromosomes.

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Weirdest Headline I've Ever Written: Dude Plays Pokemon Theme On Flaming...

I don't know how much more there is to say about this video—the headline pretty much explains it all.

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Red Hulk and Iron Spider Were Both Considered for 'Captain America: Civi...

Sometimes there is such a thing as too many superheroes for one film

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Doug Liman Ditches ‘Gambit’ to Direct DC’s ‘Justice League Dark’

If Liman is willingly signing on for a DC movie, things at Fox must be pretty bad right now...

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Rick Moranis On Why He Didn't Cameo in 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

You really have to respect this man

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What We Want From The Next Star Trek Film

What's beyond "Beyond"? A few suggestions.


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'Suicide Squad' Cast Greets Fans In Tokyo

The Squad hits the streets of Tokyo!

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Gareth Edwards Explains Exactly What ‘Rogue One’ Means

The director is taking a new direction while Lucasfilm just wants to remake the classics.

Henry cavill mullet 7e539b2a featured News

Superman's Gonna Take Things Off-Road With This Sweet Mullet

We all wondered if Superman would be sporting a mullet when he returned in next year's Justice League, and it looks like the answer is a resounding "Yee-Haw!"

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Stan Lee Enters the Zendaya Mary Jane Fight

Hey, everybody! An old man's talking!

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Kevin Smith Talks 'Justice League' and Batman v Superman's Failure to Co...

Don't forget, this guy won a science fair in eighth grade by turning his mother's vibrator into a CD player using chicken wire and shit.

Jfk motorcade 771c3606 featured Opinions

The Time Traveler's Guide to Peaceful Intervention

How to alter history for the better -- without killing anyone.


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Why Do We Like Our Heroes Damaged?

Once upon a time, heroes and superheroes were people we looked up to.