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Donald Glover Opens Up About Spider-Man, Is Vague About Lando

Genewilderwillywonka1 49d4a4cd featured News

Gene Wilder 1933-2016

Gene Wilder has left us

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Many Bothans Died to Deliver Us These New 'Rogue One' Set Photos

Yeah, yeah, I know it's from Jedi and not A New Hope, but fuck you for being such a geek.

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Marvel Finally Reveals What Thor and Hulk Were Doing During 'Civil War'

Thor and his roommate Darryl go on adventures, meet the Hulk


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Why Giancarlo Esposito Won’t Be Appearing in the MCU Any Time Soon

These days you can either hang out with Agent Coulson or Thor. Not both.

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Ben Affleck Posts Video Featuring Deathstroke

Slade Wilson's on his way to the DCEU

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Great Movie Sword Fights

Five thrilling but overlooked movie duels.

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You Need the 'Justice League' Weird Trailer in Your Life

You made it back to work this week, congratulations. Now, kick back, relax, and let the weird wash over you...

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BATTLE: Who Had The Most Ridiculous Death Scenes, Marvel or DC?

Both Marvel and DC are terribly guilty of killing off characters in grotesque fashion, but who is worse?

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‘Fault in Out Stars’ Writers to Tackle ‘New Mutants’ Movie

They're basically the same stories, except one movie has cancer and the other has super powers.


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Movie Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

Come read about the best film of 2016, so far!

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Ben McKenzie Films Scenes For 'Gotham'

Is Ben McKenzie at work or has he lost touch with reality?

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Russo Brothers Reveal What ‘Civil War’ Would Have Been Like Without Iron...

If Robert Downey Jr had been too expensive, 'Civil War' would have been a zombie movie.

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Laurene Landon And Others At San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention

Maniac Cop star Laurene Landon made quite a showing at the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention!

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What Universal Can Learn from "Penny Dreadful"

How the Showtime series can help Universal create a wondrous world of horror.

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'Doctor Strange' Rewrites Were Overseen By Dan Harmon

The Community and Rick & Morty creator brings his unique brand of comedy to the MCU


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‘Captain Marvel’ Director Search Reaches Shortlist

Marvel's eclectic list proves the only requirement for the job is a pair of X chromosomes.