Doug liman auteur 21a30ab1 featured News

Doug Liman to Reinvent the Wheel with 'Justice League Dark'

Game of thrones set photos  dragons included  05 fffff644 featured Photos

Game Of Thrones Set Photos (Dragons Included)

Ever wonder what Game of Thrones looks like before they add the digital effects?

Batman superman jeremy irons 900x600 dc8bbb14 featured News

Jeremy Irons Promised "A Bit More Alfred" in Affleck's 'The Batman'

Jeremy Irons has got women half his age to fuck, he doesn't need you wasting his time.

Phil coulson 28fdfddb featured News

Kevin Feige on MCU TV/Movie Crossovers: “It All Depends on Timing”

Which is code for, "not right now, leave me alone".


Doctor strange photocall in berlin 03 f90a3474 featured Photos

'Doctor Strange' Stars In Berlin

The Germans got Doctor Strange before us! If that doesn't rile you up, nothing else will.

Creepy creatures feature 8fe22a78 featured Opinions

Creepy Creatures from Around the World

Ghastly global ghouls for Halloween.

Star trek discovery 66c0f63c featured News

‘Star Trek Discovery’ Loses its Showrunner

He's boldly gone where no showrunner has gone before.

Luke cage 71588d6a web e335e5fb featured Reviews

TV Review: Luke Cage S1 E13: Holy Shit Diamondback, Your Costume Looks S...

Our spoiler-filled review of Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 13, "You Know My Steez"

The incredibles 5e44c26e featured News

‘Toy Story 4’ and ‘The Incredibles 2’ Swap Release Dates

John Lasseter needs more time to fully murder your childhood.

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Marvel is Ready to Shove Mutants Down Our Throats Again

If at first you don't succeed, keep on mutating


Cosplay spotlight  katyuska moonfox 11 fc3c071f featured Photos

Cosplay Spotlight: Katyuska Moonfox

Don't allow yourself to get hung up on that name, Katyuska Moonfox is a world class cosplayer!

Apollo 13 prime crew 802f684d featured Opinions

The Amazing True Story of Apollo 13

The greatest space saga of all time.

Deadpool 2ed94014 featured Lists

Five Directors Who'd Be Perfect For ‘Deadpool 2’

Somebody go give Tim Miller a hug.

Jon bernthal punisher daredevil netflix 6babc640 featured News

'The Punisher' Season 1 Rounds Out Cast, Set to Debut in 2017

The wait won't be as long as we once thought

Cosplay at comic con paris 2016 12 0402c8c9 featured Photos

Cosplay At Comic Con Paris 2016

Zut alors! More awesome cosplay from Paris!

Rey jyn fa5c5ec2 featured News

No, Jyn Erso is Not Rey’s Mother, According to Daisy Ridley

The pointless mystery continues.


 game of thrones  season 7 filming in spain  04 8864d3c4 featured Photos

'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Filming In Spain

Warning: There Be Spoilers Ahead